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Termite Elimination From Pest Squad

Termite Control

Termites are usually divided into three groups based on the location of their colony: the subterranean, the drywood, and the dampwood termites. The biology and habits of each group are different, so a detailed knowledge of each is necessary for effective control.

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Pest Squad understands pest management is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution and we tailor control strategies according to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide the customer with an honest service by satisfying individual pest control needs with a quality product. Services begin with a through inspection, risk areas are identified and treated using a custom plan that keep you pest free year-round.


1. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage.

2. Termites date back more than 120 million years to the time of the dinosaurs.

3. Termite colonies are organized into castes depending on tasks -- workers, soldiers and reproductive.

Trelona Annual Bait Stations

Trelona® ATBS Annual Bait Stations feature a superior design that leads to faster termite hits. In fact, in a university study, termites found Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations faster* than Sentricon® stations. In this study, Trelona ATBS and Sentricon stations were placed within 0.5 meters of an active termite colony. The study had 20 replicates and stations were checked daily over 46 days producing the results shown here.

Termite Elimination, Guaranteed!

Reign over the underground

1. Low profile Sits right at soil level to reach termite colonies—not lawnmower blades.

2. Quik-Lock® cap To lock bait in while locking kids and dogs out.

3. Preferred cellulose Puri-Cel® matrix that termites prefer over the wood used in homes.

4. Large container-fluidized bait load to ensure there’s enough bait to eliminate the entire colony

5. Fast-acting active ingredient Novaluron leads to a faster kill than other chitin synthesis inhibitors.

6. Easy-access vertical slits Large access openings invite termites in to find the bait.

7. Durable design each station is constructed in the USA.